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Required Technical Expertise to Implement Sage Alerts & Workflow
Sage Alerts & Workflow is a technically-sophisticated product; as such, it is imperative that its installation and configuration be conducted by persons who have expertise in Windows, O/S, security, and database management. This includes:

  • Database management, ODBC configuration, joining tables, and database views.

  • Windows-related functionality, including the creation of Windows user accounts, UAC settings, Windows services, accessing the registry, and creating network “shares” and UNC paths.

  • Available ports, system security (firewall, spam filters, etc.)

  • Email protocols (which protocol your organization uses), and its underlying requirements (such as authentication)

  • Crystal report designing (if Sage Alerts & Workflow will be used to generate and deliver Crystal reports)

Due to information privacy security issues, Vineyardsoft’s Technical Support department cannot themselves log into and/or make changes to components that impact the security of a client’s operating system (such as the system registry).

If you do not have the above expertise, please contact Vineyardsoft Corporation ( and we will provide you with a list of Sage Alerts & Workflow Business Partners who can work with you to implement the Sage Alerts & Workflow solution.

And please read the following document for information on Sage Alerts & Workflow Tech Support response times, hours of operation, and available support services.

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