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“After reviewing available solutions, we feel that Alerts & Workflow is the best way for Sage HRMS clients to keep on top of employee activities.”

Mark Dresser
Dresser & Associates


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Can you hear your HR data? Give it a voice!

Need a compliance solution? BAM can help.

What you do not know is what hurts you.

Business Intelligence for human reources explained.

How HR can heal the rift between sales & service

The other HR data repository

Help HR help themselves

Better data quality, better HR results

Trend analysis - not just for sales anymore

When Nothing is Really Something

Who is Watching the Watcher?

Nobody Likes a Tattletale

It's as Easy as A-C-B

Looking at the Whole Picture

The Race to Dashboards

Words to Live By

If Something is Worth Doing

To Be or Not to Be - An Alert

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